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Chevreaux Aggregates Asphalt Plant. As the biggest and most serious environmental challenge facing the Meadow Vista Lake Combie and Lake of the Pines region, it's been on the minds of most informed people. But even as the threat continues to mount, the response of our local government has been to ignore existing air quality problems created by burning and increased diesel truck traffic and bury its head in the sand for big business over air and water quality issues.

Here at MVP, we're out to change all that.

As we carry our plan forward into 2007, we've mapped out a number of strategic efforts to fight the asphalt plant and other local air quality issues, but we need your help to put our plan in place.

Please consider making a tax-deductible year-end gift today to support our strategy to fight for keeping the Meadow Vista, Lake Combie and Lake of the Pines region a great place to live in 2007.

When you get right down to it, air and water pollution are some of the major problems in our region. And, as citizen action has proven time and time again, the best way to compel pollution reductions is to take those who fail to act and those who break the law to court.

Already we can see the promise that our powerful and persistent approach is bringing...
  • ...In the courts. For years, Placer County has stubbornly refused to regulate the conditions of use permits at the Chevreaux Meadow Vista quarry. This isn't just bad public policy, it's an outright failure to comply with Placer County codes and the Clean Air Act. MVP is challenging the asphalt permit because it was never properly exercised and lapsed due to years of non-use.  MVP is also challenging the expansion of operations beyond what the conditions permitted without any environmental impact review.  Local air and water quality have been degraded with these county policies.

  • ...In the community. Because fall and winter air quality is so poor due to leaf and debris burning and our unique inversion layer which traps gases and particulate matter, MVP is teaming with other local organizations like the Sierra Alliance, the Sierra Club, Friends of Placer County and the Bear River Watershed; and is trying to educate the community about limited legal burning of dry wood and leaves and to help stop the burning of wet materials, construction debris, garbage and other illegal substances.
In all these efforts and more, MVP's volunteers will continue to fight. Earlier this year, we won an important victory in Placer County Court to continue our protest against the wrongful actions of Chevreaux Aggregates. We are now in the discovery and deposition phase of the case.  This is wearing physically on the officers and directors of MVP as well as consuming our organization's finances.  They are attempting to break down our resolve.  We rely on the deep community commitment and forward-looking leadership of friends like you to help sustain our work.

Please consider making an especially generous year-end gift to keep this critical work moving forward. Together, I know we can win clear, important victories for our community in 2007.

Thank you so much for all that you do.

Jeff Evans
2006 Chairman
Meadow Vista Protection

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