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Upgrading your kitchen or bath over the next few months?  MVP can help you upgrade what is outside those beautiful windows and doors.  MVP hopes to protect and improve the air and water quality in your yard in 2007.  Please consider MVP near the top of your 2007 home improvements list.

The Winchester, Meadow Vista, Lake Combie, Naturewood, Darkhorse and Lake of the Pines region needs its day in court in 2007, and we desperately need your help to make it happen.  Although we have raised almost $75,000 of the original $100,000 envisioned for this fight, Chevreaux has decided the best way to counter us is to legally, although somewhat unethically, use litigation ploys that greatly increase our costs.  Sadly to say, this means that much more money is needed right now to pay our existing bills and keep up the good fight.  As neighbors we all want to see this struggle through and now hope that our community could somehow dig down deep once again (or for the first time) to protect your house, health and way of life. 

We need to continue the fight against the asphalt plant in Placer County courts... To force Placer and Nevada counties to act against the dangers of existing air and water pollution levels in our community... To end the destructive practice of ignoring important limitations of conditional use permits along the Bear River and surrounding region...

Our ability to fight this fight comes down to one thing: you. Over the next few weeks, we're running a fundraising drive to raise the critical funds we need to continue our important struggle. As this year begins, I'm asking you to affirm your commitment to your backyard and our local environment by becoming a 2007 MVP supporter today.

As an
IRS approved tax deductible 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, we need every single penny to survive and continue serving the communities that we represent. That's why your continued support is so crucial to us right now.

Here are just a few of the efforts your gift will make possible:

  • Halting the Meadow Vista asphalt plant. Chevreaux Aggregates Incorporated is literally blowing the top off a mountain to get to rock mineral deposits deep within the earth... The practice lines their corporate pockets, but also destroys our mountain river and habitat in the Meadow Vista region. The Bear River canyon has turned into a huge polluted factory where liquid cement, sand, propane, tar and oil are trucked in and mixed with crushed rock to make road products for construction projects in the Sacramento valley.  Water is diverted from the Bear River to wash limestone products while sediments are dumped back into ponds along the river and beyond.  Your support can help us to continue our fight to stop the expansion of this local factory in our community.
  • Compelling the EPA to regulate increased dangerous diesel pollution in a non attainment region.  The Meadow Vista and surrounding regions are above EPA established levels for air pollution and are currently high enough to cause serious developmental and neurological problems for growing children. With your support, we're making sure the EPA does its job and enforces the clean air act with meaningful restrictions on this dangerous pollutant in our community.
  • Fighting the growing problem of local burning. As we flex our litigation muscle in the fight against diesel pollution and the asphalt plant, MVP hopes to educate the surrounding communities in limited legal burning.  As our density has increased, the burning of wet materials has increased; resulting in pollution levels beyond "spare the air levels" enforced in the Sacramento and Bay Area regions.

In all of this and more, we need your help to continue now!

In this important year, there are many critical opportunities to be seized. Please help us continue the fight for a cleaner, healthier natural region in 2007 by becoming an MVP supporter today!   Help us reach our goal:  Help us get the word out by forwarding this email to your neighbors.

     Jeff Evans
     2006 - 2007 Chairman
     Meadow Vista Protection

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